Why You Should Only Sell to Expert Jewelry Buyers In Los Angeles

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When it comes to selling jewelry, particularly gold items, it seems like there is an infinite number of ways to make a profit. Advertisers promote online gold and jewelry sellers, and there could also be street stores where customers can sell or buy. While fast and uncomplicated deals like this might be tempting -with online buyers, sellers don’t even need to leave the house – but most of these deals can end up more costly in the long run. As an alternative, it is better to opt for pawn shops like LA Loan Company who have specialist jewelry buyers at their Los Angeles location. There are several reasons why it makes more sense to sell with these expert dealers than trust online gold buying companies.

Why Online Stores Are Not the Best Option

When money is short, online stores that offer to buy gold or jewelry items can seem like the best way to make a fast deal. The companies send an envelope, the seller mails back the gold or jewelry, and get a check in the mail very rapidly. This is all great news for the seller, but there are significant downsides. Firstly, there are so many online stores that offer this service it can be hard to check whether one particular version is genuine. What this means is that the items can be sent away, but no money comes, and no buyer can be found. Even when the buyer is genuine, sellers may find that they don’t get a very good deal on their items. In some cases, reports have found that “mail-in companies offered between 11 percent and 29 percent of the meltdown value of the gold”. This is a very poor return on investment.

jewelry buyers los angeles Selling To Jewelry Buyers in Los Angeles

Most sellers decide to get rid of their jewelry and gold by going direct to a local buyer. In LA this means that there are still plenty of options, and sellers can have a choice of who to go to. Some may choose to use local jewelry and gold buyers, who offer a quick return and ready cash. However, although it is possible to get a good deal on certain items, the same report states that “You’ll rarely receive more than 40 percent of scrap value”. This isn’t much at all, particularly when a buyer needs ready cash, and has to sell items to meet a bill. It is vital to get as much as possible from the transaction.

Selling To a Pawn Shop

One of the best ways to make a jewelry sale in LA is to go to a local pawn shop like LA Loan Company. They will buy a range of different items, including diamond and gold jewelry, and have specialist sellers on hand to make sure that they give a fair price on whatever items you may have. To find out more, simply contact us through our online form, or call us at 323-469-1319 now.