The Place to Go is Our Pawn Shop on Santa Monica Blvd

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While most people may think of Los Angeles and immediately think of celebrities and millionaires and the shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, those that have a more realistic view of the area know that the average person is never going to have a chance to afford anything sold at one of those stores. However, the average person can still find great deals on diamonds, gold, designer handbags, entertainment systems, luxury watches and much more – provided you know just where to look. The place that you need to go to is Diamond Jewelry and Loan, our pawn shop located on Santa Monica Blvd.

The Pawn Shop to Visit

Santa Monica Blvd. covers a very large area and there are lots of different pawn shops that you can visit along the way. However, none have the quality reputation and items that we can offer you. We have been working in the Los Angeles area for over twenty years and are fully licensed, bonded and insured so that you know you can trust us to do business. You will find that we will make the best offers to you for your items, giving you top dollar for a sale, or we can provide you with a fantastic interest rate for those looking for a loan or have items to pawn. We are happy to take a look at a wide variety of items you may need to sell and can give you the fast cash you may need to help you through a tough stretch or to give you the money you need to take that special vacation or buy a special gift.

Find Luxury Items for Sale

One of the best things about our pawn shop on Santa Monica Blvd is that it is a fantastic location for you to shop. We have a wonderful selection of diamond jewelry, 14K gold items, luxury watches like Rolex or Tag Heuer, electronic equipment (including the newest gaming systems), designer handbags like Louis Vuitton or Gucci and much, much more. New items are coming in every day for you to look at and you can pick up items you might find at a luxury store on Rodeo Drive for just a fraction of the cost when you shop here.

Visit Our Location

Now that you know everything we have to offer at our pawn shop on Santa Monica Blvd, it is time for you to come for a visit! You can learn more about our location, our hours and all about us simply by visiting the Diamond Jewelry and Loan website at Check out our website and then make plans to see our store so you can go home with something unique and special.