The Ideal Place to Buy a Diamond RIng: Your Local Pawn Shop

Local Pawn Shop

You may not think of shopping at a pawn shop when you consider buying an engagement ring for your partner. However, pawn shops can be the perfect place to source your next diamond and choose jewelry for the people in your life. You don’t have to go to an overpriced big box store for your next big diamond purchase. We’ve put together a few reasons why shopping for a diamond ring at a local pawn shop may be a better idea.

It’s more affordable

One of the first things most shoppers thing about when it comes to engagement rings is how much it will cost them. How many months will you have to save up to get that perfect ring? It can be the cost of a few weeks of vacation on another continent. You want a ring that quality with great materials but breaking the bank to buy it won’t be a pleasant experience. If you want to avoid credit card debt, payment plans or buying a diamond ring that’s not the one you want for your partner you should check out a pawn shop.


It’s Still Premium Quality

You may think that getting second hand products at a local pawn shop means that you are getting second hand quality. You an find credible high quality diamonds at pawn shops while paying a fraction of what big stores as for. Diamonds don’t degrade in value but that doesn’t mean a pawn shop will sell it for the same large price tag you would see in a retail store. Another fantastic reason to shop as a pawn store is your ability to trade in your belongings for credit towards a purchase. You don’t have to come up with the full price of your chosen ring by digging into your bank account especially if you have your own jewelry or items to swap for cash or credit towards your purchase.

There is a lot of variety at a Local Pawn Shop

When it comes to shopping at a pawn shop you’re going to get a ton of variety. You may even get a chance to purchase some cool vintage pieces and rings that aren’t as cookie-cutter as the big retail brands. You get the chance to find a ring that has a story. You can also buy a few different things. Imagine buying one ring for the stones and another for the metal and having it redesigned at a jeweler’s hand? Most pawn store buy all sorts of rings, new, old, vintage and plenty of variety in style, gemstone and metal options. You can place mix and match to create a ring that works best for you and your partner.

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