The Finest Selection at Our Diamond Jewelry and Loan in Los Angeles

Diamond Jewelry and Loan

Are you looking for a special and unique gift for someone in your life? Perhaps there is an occasion coming up like a birthday, anniversary or graduation that calls for a gift that is unlike any other that you have purchased in the past and you want to leave a fantastic impression and put real thought into the gift. To find something this special, you need to go to a place where you will find more than what you get at the typical mall store or local jewelry store. If you want to see an impressive selection of items at great prices, then you want to come to our diamond jewelry and loan in Los Angeles and look at our choices.

Fantastic Jewelry at Great Prices

Here at Diamond Jewelry and Loan, we are a pawn shop that gets access to some amazing and different pieces of jewelry each day. People come to us to sell or pawn items for fast cash, and we then turn around and offer these products for sale to the public. We get many different pieces of jewelry in our shop each day so that you can find fantastic diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, silver and all kinds of precious gems. We have an outstanding luxury selection of watches, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and much more so that you can always find something. Best of all, our prices are far below the markup you will find at most retail jewelry so you can get great items at prices far less than what you see at other establishments.

Unique Items for Sale Too

If you are looking for something other than jewelry, shopping at our diamond jewelry and loan in Los Angeles is a perfect choice. We have all kinds of other items for sale each day, including things like antiques, electronic equipment, fine china, pieces of art, collectibles and much more. You can find items that you will not see at any other store so you can get something truly unique as a gift for that certain someone or even just for yourself.

Find Out About Us

If you would like to learn more about the items we have at our diamond jewelry and loan in Los Angeles, please feel free to visit us at our storefront location in Los Angeles. You can find out more about us at Diamond Jewelry and Loan by visiting our website at or giving us a call at 323-469-1319. Come and see fantastic items that make the perfect gifts for everyone in your life.