The Best Items to Sell at Your Local Los Angeles Pawn Shop

Local Los Angeles Pawn shop

When you want to get some quick cash at a local Los Angeles Pawn Shop? Bringing in items that have been collecting dust on your shelves or in your garage can be a way to make some fast income for things like rent, utility bills, holiday gifts and much more. Some times will definitely pull in higher prices than others.

Jewelry and Precious

Many people end up with heirloom jewelry and gemstones from their loved ones. Some inherit those pieces from great aunts they never knew or as gifts from family. If you found that you have never worn some jewelry you can take it to a pawn shop to find out its value. You can also pawn things like gold bars, coins and silver flatware. Antiques, precious metals and gems can really command high value and add up quickly.


High end and new electronics can be hot-tickets items are pawnshops. You can turn in things like tablets, laptops, smartphones, televisions, video game systems and digital cameras. You can also pawn music equipment like stereo systems and amps. A lot of people go to a pawn shop rather than trying to sell to a technology store so that their items sell faster.


Most pawn shops can buy firearms because those hold their retail value better than a lot of items. You can bring your (unloaded) filges, pistols, revolvers, handguns and shotguns in their locked case to a pawn store. You’ll also need to provide a license. You should ask the store about their state regulations and what firearms they will accept before you show up with arms full.

Musical Instruments

Instruments can be another quick sell with pawn shops. Acoustic and electric guitars as well as basses can sell quickly. Cellos, violins, horns, drums and clarinets are popular sellers as well. The price can depend on the brand, condition, type and condition of the instrument you’re trying to pawn.

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