See Our Pawn Shop on Santa Monica Blvd.

Pawn Shop on Santa Monica Blvd

Do you find yourself short on cash that you need for that unexpected car repair? Perhaps you want some extra money so you can take that trip you have always wanted. Either situation can be the perfect time for you to consider selling or pawning those items of value you have at home. You can get the quick cash you need for anything that comes along when you take your items to your local pawn shop. Here at Diamond Jewelry and Loan Pawn Shop, we can provide you with just the help you need at the right time. When you come to our pawn shop on Santa Monica Blvd, you will find that we have a great deal to offer you.

Sell or Pawn Your Items

If you have items of value like diamond or gold jewelry, art work, instruments, electronics, power tools, antiques, collectibles or other items that you no longer need, our shop can be the perfect place for you to go to get cash. We can provide you with very fair prices for your items so that you can walk out of our shop with cash in your pocket in a matter of minutes. If you would prefer to get a quick loan using your items as collateral, we offer fantastic lending rates and terms that will work well for you so that you can get the money you need for that repair or emergency.

Shop with Us Too

When you come to Diamond Jewelry and Loan Pawn Shop in Santa Monica Blvd., you will see that our shop is a fantastic place for you to do some shopping as well. We offer all kinds of beautiful and unique items for sale in our shop so that you can get that special gift for someone or yourself. Our selection of jewelry, collectibles and more cannot be beaten, and you will find that the prices for our items are far below what you will find at most retail locations you visit with similar merchandise.

Check Us Out Today

Whether you are selling, pawning or buying, our pawn shop on Santa Monica Blvd. is the place you want to visit. You can find out more about us here at Diamond Jewelry and Loan Pawn Shop by taking the time to go to our website at You can also phone us at 323-469-1319 to learn more about our location and find out when the best time is for you to come by and check out what we have to offer.