Remember! The 4 Cs Still Apply to Pawn Shop Diamond Rings

pawn shop diamond rings

If you are in the market for some diamond jewelry, then it is fair to assume that most of your browsing has been done online and in-store at some of the more well-known and ‘famous’ institutions. Of course, places like Tiffany & Co. are always going to provide a one-of-a-kind experience, but don’t make the mistake of wasting extra money when you could be finding a bargain at a pawn shop! Pawn shop diamond rings are just as valuable and desired as brand new designer rings, in fact, when you throw in the prospect of a vintage antique, they arguably become even better! With this in mind, here is a reminder of the ‘4 Cs’ of diamond shopping that still applies no matter where you are buying.

Cut – For The Ultimate Beauty

The first ‘C’ stands for cut, and it arguably has the greatest effect on the aesthetic beauty of a diamond. When determining the quality of the cut, the stone grader will evaluate things like the evident skill of the cutter in fashioning the diamond. The more precise the cut is, the more striking the diamond is to the eye. And of course, the more striking it is, the bigger its value is going to be.

Color – Often A Matter Of Preference

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a diamond that isn’t completely ‘white’ is a lesser quality. Gem quality diamonds can occur in several different hues from colorless to light yellow to light brown and on even rarer occasions, blue, red, and pink. It’s important to note that the blue, red, and pink diamonds are classed as ‘fancy’ and are graded on a different scale from white and colorless.

Clarity – To Be As Blemish Free As Possible

The best diamonds are those that are as clear internally as possible, and free from blemishes and inclusions that might cause a lack of sparkle when the light hits the stone. Most diamonds will have a small amount of blemishing, but too many inclusions can make for a dull stone that doesn’t sparkle as much as others.

pawn shop diamond rings

Carat – To Measure The Physical Weight Of The Stone

Carats refer to the actual weight of the diamond stone. One carat is equivalent to ⅕ of a gram. It is fair to say that carat weight is the most objective of the 4 Cs. Of course, a heavier diamond is always going to cost more at face value, but compared to things like clarity and color, it isn’t the be-all and end-all. A smaller weight of diamond with far fewer inclusions may be the better purchase.

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