Get Cash for Your Unwanted Items at a Pawn Shop in Hollywood

Pawn Loans

We all have them – those items that have been sitting around in the garage, basement or attic for years, just collecting dust. It could be you have them in a drawer in your bedroom, your jewelry box or maybe it was an item that was left to you by a family member that you do not know what to do with. They are the items that you no longer want or need and may have some value to them to someone else. What should you do with these things? The answer is simple – you can get fast cash for your unwanted items when you come to our pawn shop in Hollywood at Diamond Jewelry and Loan Pawn Shop.

A Pawn Shop – Better Than Selling Online

Many people today simply try to sell their unwanted items on their own by listing them online at an auction site or some other website where you can offer up items for sale. The problem is you could list that item for weeks or months before you get any offers on it, and even then, the offers may be far below what the item is truly worth. Even if you do sell the item for a good price, you are then responsible for packaging and shipping the item, costing you more money while you hope it arrives safely at its destination. When you bring it to a pawn shop, you have none of these hassles, can sell your item immediately, and get fair value for it right away.

A Little of Everything at a Pawn Shop

Selling your items at our pawn shop in Hollywood is a great alternative for you. Here at Diamond Jewelry and Loan Pawn Shop, we do more than just accept gold and diamond jewelry. You might have electronics, power tools, artwork, antiques, collectibles, fine china or some other items that are of value that you no longer want. You can bring your items to us, and we will give you a fair appraisal of what you have to offer so you can see what your items are worth. You can then sell your items to us and get cash right on the spot that you can use how you wish.

Bring Your Items to Our Pawn Shop

If you are ready to clear out some space and get rid of the unwanted items in your home, you can bring them down to our pawn shop in Hollywood here at Diamond Jewelry and Loan Pawn Shop. To find out more about us and our location, you can read more about us here on our website, or you can give us a call at 323-469-1319. Find out what your items are worth and get cash in your pocket fast.