Four Reasons to Buy Diamond Jewelry From a Pawn Shop

Diamond Jewelry From a Pawn Shop

When you are on the hunt for a special gift for you partner or for a family member you may think of getting a diamond jewelry piece. However, going to big brand name stores might not be in your budget and looking at pre-owned pieces could be the answer to that. Yet, where should you go? You might not find the most savory people online to buy from and a pawn shop may be the answer. Here are four reasons why buying diamonds at a pawn shop is a better alternative:

Interesting Vintage Items

One great reasons to check out the selection at your local pawn is to see what kind of vintage items they might have. A lot of people head to the pawn when they inherit their grandmother’s jewelry. While those items might not being something that that seller wanted it could be some that you or your giftee may be into. Styles of gold are always changing and lately there has been a rise in retro and vintage looks.

More Value for Your Money Spent

Everyone really likes to see their dollar stretch, don’ they? It’s especially satisfying when you are buying a gift for someone you care about. One of the more obvious and great reasons to buy a diamond at a pawn shop is that you are likely going to spend a bit less than if you shopped at a local big name retailer. You can get that same quality of stone while spending much less that you would retail. In fact you could afford a higher quality of diamond in your price range than if you bought from a big box store brand.

Potential for Original Designs

Some pawn shops have a jeweler on hand that works to redesign the pieces that they have. This means you could have the ability to buy a few gold pieces from a pawn shop as well as diamonds. That gold could then be melted down and designed to a piece of your liking. You’ll get yourself a beautiful custom piece without the expensive pricing you would find a from a bigger brand.

More Ethical and Environmentally Friendly

If you are a person that worries about your carbon footprint and giving back to the earth, buy a used piece is the answer. You will be recycling an older piece to a new wearer. This means that the diamonds you are buying won’t have to be mined and won’t have a negative impact on the earth. This is a great way to make an eco-friendly purchase without the big price tag that comes from companies who are leaning on the marketing and up-scaled pricing that comes from their marketing schemes of selling environmentally conscious pieces.

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