Find the Beautiful and Rare at a Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop

Many people today have a skewed view of what to expect when they go to a shop where you can buy or pawn items. Movies and television have painted a bleak picture of these shops over the years, making people think the operations are shady and only buy or have merchandise that no one would ever want to buy. The reality is much different, and that opinion has begun to change in recent years. You should know that you can find some pretty amazing things for sale at shops like this. When you visit a pawn shop like ours at Diamond Jewelry and Loan, you can find some beautiful and rare things for sale at excellent prices.

Exotic and Rare Items for You

Our shop has long been a destination for people looking to sell or pawn all kinds of different items. While you can certainly find many of the standard items you might expect to see like electronics equipment, gold jewelry or power tools, you can also find rare finds and beautiful items that you may not locate anywhere else. We very often have special antiques, works of art, collectibles of all kinds, beautiful diamond jewelry pieces, fine china and items of this nature on display and for sale to our customers.

Pricing That Can’t be Beat

Best of all, when you come to our pawn shop at Diamond Jewelry and Loan, you will see many of these items for sale at unbelievably low prices. Because we are not like a typical retail establishment and are always looking to make room for new merchandise we have received, we can mark our items for prices much less than what you find at retail stores. Our jewelry prices are very low, allowing you to pick up special pieces for yourself or someone in your life for much less than what you pay at the mall or local jewelry store.

See What We Have

The best way to learn more about our pawn shop is to take the time to visit us and see what we have available. You can learn more about our shop when you visit our website at You can also give us a call at 323-469-1319 if you have any questions about our shop, our policies, our hours or need directions to our location. Come check out what we have to offer so you can find that beautiful and rare item you are seeking as a gift or for yourself.