Diamond Jewelry and Loan Has High End Watches for Less

Diamond Jewelry and Loan

If you’ve been looking all over Los Angeles for high end watches but can’t seem to find a piece that isn’t going to steal your wallet altogether, we’re glad to inform you that the search is over. At Diamond Jewelry and Loan, our beautiful and unique collection of designer and high end watches are all in phenomenal condition and can become yours for a fraction of its full sale price.

Pawn Your Designer Watch

On the other hand, if you’re simply in need of some quick cash and have a designer or high end watch that you no longer desire, pawning your high-end watch is one of the easiest and safest solutions at Diamond Jewelry and Loan. To start, our experienced and professional watch appraiser will perform a quick and fair estimate of your high end watch. The appraisal itself is completely free of both charge and obligation. Simply put, this means that if we cannot accept your designer watch, of if you’ve decided that you don’t want to pawn it for what we’ve offered, it won’t cost you a penny. We offer the lowest interest rates available on the market today and will help you to repay your loan as soon as possible.

Diamond Jewelry Loan & Pawn | Designer Watch Brands We Accept

At Diamond Jewelry Loan & Pawn we accept pretty much all popular designer and high-end brand watches, as long as it’s in good condition. We accept and carry both men’s and women’s watches. Some of the most popular designer watch brands that we’re carrying right now include Rolex, Cartier, IWC, Patek Philippe and Chopard. Before accepting any designer watch our appraisers will check to make sure that the watch is authentic in order to protect all parties involved.

Contact Us | Designer Brand Watches for Less

If you or someone that you know is currently on the hunt for affordable designer or high-end brand watches or if you simply have questions regarding our current selection of designer brand watches don’t hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to helping you obtain the designer brand watch of your dreams for far less than its original price! Contact us at 323.469.1319.