Best Pawn Shop in Los Angeles


You will find many pawn shops, but the best pawn shop in Los Angeles is us.  We will take any item that has value and give you cash money for it.  So if you are in need of quick cash, check us out we will give you top dollar for your item.  You will be surprised what items are just laying around at home that are actually hidden treasures.

Do not rush to just any pawn shop for your quick cash.  Most pawn shops will only give you half of what your item is worth, we offer up to 75% of the value of the item.  Take your time and do your research, some pawn shops are willing to pay more for items they deem popular.

All that old jewelry that is picking up dust at your home bring it on over to the best pawn shop in Los Angeles.  Gold is high in value right now and we are willing to give you big bucks for it. At LA Loan the safety of your valuables is assured at all times. No third party is involved in the transaction. All the necessary steps are handled by our staff.  We have skilled gemologists to sort out your diamonds, they allow us to accurately appraise your diamonds worth.

Our pawning business is not only for jewelry but also electronics. Suppose you have those highly priced hand held electronic devices by your side and you are in need of quick money, simply pawn your gadget, bring the high quality tablet to us. Here is a list of all electronic devices we allow for pawning:TVs, mobile phones, dvd players, digital cameras, ipads, ipods, computers, laptops…..the list is long.

In order to insure you get the most out of your merchandise make sure it is in tip top shape.  Clean it, shine it, and make it presentable.

People need cash for a number of reason whether it be a late check from work, escrow taking too long to close, or you just don’t have any credit to get approved for a bank loan.  Pawning your items is the fastest way to get you some quick cash, and the great thing about us, is that we offer the best rates in town.  So if you find yourself in a tight spot, call the best pawn shop in Los Angeles LA Loan Company.