Pawn Your Jewelry at Diamond Jewelry and Loan

A top-quality piece of jewelry is often one of the most valuable thighs a person has, and that is why it is often a number-one choice for pawning at Diamond Jewelry and Loan. For instance, a very expensive wedding ring may secure you a loan big enough to cover even the biggest unplanned expenses, such as extensive car repairs, house repairs, and so on.

When it comes to pawning items, getting a fair appraisal for jewelry is probably one of the greatest challenges. For example, when you take your iPod to a pawn shop, you probably have pretty good idea what appraisal you should expect. Jewelry, on the other hand, is quite different. When bringing their jewelry pieces to a pawn shop, people usually don’t know what to expect. Unethical pawn shop owners will always try to exploit this fact. With us, you can be sure that you will get a fair appraisal for your jewelry. In addition to the characteristics of the product itself, our experts also consider current demand, future trends, and other important factors.

At Diamond Jewelry and Loan, we accept a wide array of jewelry, including diamonds, gold, platinum, and so on. What matters the most to us is that the quality is good. Of course, we also must be sure that the item is not stolen. There are other factors we consider, but do not worry – your appraisal will be completed in no time. People are often reluctant to pawn their jewelry, especially the pieces that have great sentimental value for them. However, don’t forget that you will always be able to get your jewelry back, as soon as you repay the loan on time. Contact us today to get your free appraisal.