How To Get The Best Price For Diamond Rings At A Pawn Shop

pawn shop diamond rings

If you ever find yourself in the position of needing or wanting to sell on some jewelry that you no longer wear, then there are plenty of different options at your disposal. There are private auctions, there are general online sites and there is always the more immediate, in person experience of going to a pawn shop. Pawn shop diamond rings are one of the most sought after commodities for customers of such establishments, which already puts you in a good position for getting a good bang for your buck. With this in mind, here are some tips for how to get the best price for diamond rings at a pawn shop in Los Angeles.

  •       Shop Around

If you are lucky enough to have more than one pawn shop in your vicinity, then make the effort to shop around and enquire about the varying prices that each shop is offering for your ring. Some shops rely on the captive market nature of being the only place in a large radius that you can sell to, but if there are competing businesses around, and you make it clear that you are willing to visit each one, then you will be surprised by how the owners are prepared to improve the offers they might make to you. Don’t let the pawn shop owners take advantage of you, they would rather have your business for a bigger price than not have your business at all!

  •       Research Before You Go

A simple thing to do before you actually make the trip to the pawn shop is to research how much you think your ring is actually worth. Pawn shop diamond rings are never going to command as much capital as a brand new one or one that might be bought in a different setting, but it is still good to go in with a ballpark figure in mind. That way, once again the pawn shop owner will not be able to take advantage of you and give you an impression of your jewelry that isn’t entirely accurate. If you have an idea of the value, you are in a much better position to haggle.

  •       Be Prepared To Negotiate

Don’t be a pushover in the presence of the pawn shop owner, because at the end of the day they would rather have a diamond ring in their possession than not! Be confident in the value of your item and don’t be intimidated by the environment that you have found yourself in. There is no longer a stereotypical stigma attached to pawn shops, so you should feel free to haggle and negotiate as if you were in a plain old business meeting!

pawn shop diamond rings

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